Thursday, March 24, 2011

An Artistic Touch

This week The Duchess if again hosting guests from the arts community; Z'otz Collective is creating an installation at the Thames Art Gallery and we are delighted to have the gallery as a client and the artists as guests. The show will be open to the public starting this weekend and continuing through April. Search the web for the Gallery, Z'otz, the members at, and and on The Duchess is planning one breakfast with a Latino flavour - hope it works!

Getting Out

We made it to a couple of events in the past while: were fortunate to get a spot at the Union Gas table for a Wallaceburg Lacrosse fundraising dinner and auction. Enjoyed some Ukrainian appetizers and found out that the area generates more than a few university players and some professionals too. A set of 4 Leaf tickets went for over $800, and some football stuff courtesy of Shaun Suisham from his Redskin days. Also Rick attended a small reception for Fergie Jenkins at Rotary Park and the following day we went for lunch at The Armories and applauded Fergie as he unveiled his postage stamp. Rick had been carrying around a 1972 score card from Expos-Cubs and finally got it autographed.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Winter Wonderland

A new Chathamite from Newfoundland sputtered last week- "you told me that it doesn't snow in Chatham!" well, yes, but it "doesn't last". And we finally joined the club, but nothing like the heaps that have blanketed the rest of the country. It's nice and fluffy and it's no big deal. Roads are good, there's a cheery fire in the Wellsley Room, and The Duchess is ready to welcome you. Looking for a get away to beat the blues? Give us a call and come on down.

Chatham's New Old Theatre

Our neighbour, The Chatham Capitol Theatre is continuing with a great lineup of shows in the New Year..beginning with songstress Nikki Yanofsky and The State Ballet Theatre of Russia's presentation of Swan Lake in January. This will be followed in February by Jazz (Kaeshammer and Barber), Flamenco (Jesse Cook), Broadway (CATS), Farce (Stephen Harper The Musical), and Choral (Lady Smith Black Mambazo).
The Duchess of Wellington is extending package offers, including savings on 2 best-available tickets, a night's stay, and full gourmet breakfasts. Hope to see you in Chatham.
Give me a call: Antja