Friday, April 3, 2009

Sugar Bush

The Duchess was concerned that we would run of of the Giffin family's award winning maple syrup, but thanks to sap collectors like Cecil Griffiths a good harvest was made at Sinclair Bush in Chatham-Kent. The advantage of buying from the farm gate is the chance to sample their outstanding products like maple butter: see our web site for locations where Giffin Maple Syrup and other great local stuff can found while daytripping. Photo by Diana Martin at Chatham Daily News.

Lake Erie Spring Birding

We and brother Jim and wife Faith visited Erieau in mid-March just as the last of the ice was out, and the swans were enjoying the weather. The Rondeau Wings of Spring has just ended with a successful outing. For those interested, we have been keeping an electronic log of the Xmas Bird Count at Rondeau, with data back to the 1940s. We have to get 2008 in, but would be happy to email a copy of the Excel file. Click on the title to get our website and contact info.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Last Train to Toronto

We recently took VIA Rail to Toronto for a few days, visiting son and fiance, and checking out the Ancient Ukrainian exhibit at the ROM, & the ancient Leafs at the AC Centre. Rick determined that Sidney Crosby is NOT overrated (as claimed by the Detroit press) and the Michael Lee-Chin Crystal IS truly awful (as claimed by most everyone). Libeskind's folly is way too Berlin (slashing in the walls). We did enjoy revisiting the crystal display and particularly the European rooms - after having made the aquaintance of curator Dr. Peter Kaellgren in Chatham.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Flooded Chatham

Whoops, 16-1/2 feet or 5 meters above normal. One foot above New Year's, and four feet below the 100-year high of over 20 feet. Lots of foot and auto traffic on Family Day to take pictures from the bridges (like me!).

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

River Rising in Chatham

A very weird month (for Chatham) is over...the coldest January in 30+ years, the first ice fishing on the Thames in 15 years, and much snow. In February a couple of record daily highs and lots of rain has almost taken care of the snow, but the river is rising. We happened to be watching it tonight from Casa Bella when the ice and assorted flotsam and jetsom torn from the banks earlier broke free and started to flow towards Lake St.Clair. We already had a crest over 15 feet above normal at New Years; are we heading for another?